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If you’re anything like me – and something tells me you probably are – then you know that sometimes pasta isn’t just a craving, but a necessity. Last night I was craving pasta and I went to my favorite Italian restaurant for their rigatoni alla mama. It’s soooooooo creamy and just absolutely satisfies that need. I ate the entire bowl, then mopped up the sauce with bread. Even though I was stuffed to capacity, I couldn’t imagine one drop of that sauce going to waste!

I (very) often cook pasta at home, and rarely go out for it – last night was an exception. It’s so simple to make and a good sauce typically doesn’t have too many ingredients. This makes it a quick and easy, cost efficient dinner. Here are my top 5 favorite recipes for cooking pasta at home.


Traditional Penne alla Carbonara

This is probably my favorite pasta dish of all time. It’s rich and creamy, so it’s not necessarily for every day. But when I crave it, I make it and I pretty much eat until I can’t move. It’s super easy, you just have to work quickly to make sure you don’t scramble the egg. Once you’ve got it down, you’ll be making it every time you want a quick dose of perfectly delicious pasta.



Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni Pasta Bake

As you can see from the photo, this isn’t the most simple pasta dish to make. It requires some time and effort to build the mold, but when you set it on the dinner table and hear the ooohs and aaahs, you’ll see that it was completely worth the effort. Oh yeah, and it’s ridiculously, cheesily delicious as well.  😉



Easy, Classic Meat Lasagna

A simple lasagna recipe is a must have in your recipe box, and this is my go-to recipe every time I want to make a lasagna on the fly. It’s super easy, quick to make and it’s guaranteed to get rave reviews from everyone at the table.  I love it.




Rich and Creamy, Simple Chicken Pasta Alfredo

Sometimes a good cream sauce is in order, and this dish fits that craving perfectly. It could not be more simple to make – it has just a few ingredients and it’s on the table in under 30 minutes. It’s the perfect weeknight dinner when you’re craving something creamy and satisfying. Yum.



Chicken Tetrazzini Casserole

I probably make this dish more than any other pasta. It is one of my favorite recipes on the site. It’s not hard to make and there’s so much flavor it’s ridiculous. Pay attention to the pasta cooking time, it’s imperative that you don’t overcook it or you will end up with a mushy casserole. However, cook it perfectly and you’re going to flip over this casserole. It’s seriously one of the best meals ever.