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perfect roast beef

I found this amazing piece of beef at the grocery store and decided it was the perfect time to make some delicious roast beef. Making a perfect roast is super-easy—just make sure you get a good cut of beef, season it properly, and pay attention to your oven temperature, and it will come out great. I always sear my roast in a skillet before baking it—I love it crispy on the outside and I think it really helps trap the juices inside.

Be sure to use an oven thermometer to make sure the beef is cooked to the appropriate temperature. Don’t rely just on the given oven times—everyone’s ovens are different, and you want to slice into a perfect roast.  I love roast beef au jus, with horseradish sauce and my very easy Yorkshire Pudding—perhaps it’s my British ancestry, or maybe I’m just a traditionalist.

This recipe is part of a series I am doing for Parade’s Community Table:

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