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I spent this last weekend in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Among the many wonderful experiences, I enjoyed a gourmet food tour in the city with a very well-informed guide. Not only did she take us to some of the lesser-known restaurants that we would not have stumbled upon ourselves, she also had us try each restaurant’s signature dishes. Hands down, all of us on the tour agreed that our favorite was a sandwich shop, and it was no ordinary sandwich shop! There was a counter with room for no more than 10 people to sit and you got to watch the chef make each creation right in front of you. The combinations appeared strange at first, but the ingredients complemented each other in the best way.

As it has been almost two weeks since I have spent time with my family, I was inspired this week to suggest that we all make sandwiches together. Any combination will do, and pulling it all together – together – is what makes this type of cooking fun. Strange ingredients, new ideas, classic favorites, this is what I have planned for my family this week, and my menu for you reflects just that.



jalapeno popper grilled cheese

Hands down, this is the best recipe EVER! So, I am starting the week with that. I know it’s meatless Monday, so if you want to stick to the “rules,” I suggest leaving out the bacon. But for me, this is the kind of sandwich you break the rules for. I have made this recipe numerous times with and without a few of the ingredients … luckily it also always tastes like my favorite sandwich!


A Greek inspired stuffed pita recipe with chicken.Tuesday
the greek inspired chicken pita wrap

This is literally a full meal in a wrap. You have carbs, veggies and proteins, including a delicious dressing. In warmer months, I find it is nice to have something lighter and more refreshing for dinner, and this sandwich hits the spot. It is the classic Greek salad pulled together in a pita, with some added protein. Delish!



irene’s (should be) famous tuna salad

This is an amazing salad to eat with or without bread. It is usually a weekend item for me, as it keeps in the fridge for a few days and we just snack on it whenever we need a little something. You can put it over a bed of lettuce, on a cracker, any kind of bread or in a wrap – and you have yourself a delicious meal.



super delicious sloppy joes

This is a classic! I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like a sloppy joe sandwich, but most of us don’t want to admit it. First, it is a mess to eat and second, it just seems like easy food. But man, is it delicious! My kids love it because they can add all kinds of things to their sloppy joe: pickles, tomatoes, cheese, onions … you name it!



the super stuffed stromboli
This is just awesome. It is not only a lot of fun to make and eat, it is also easy. My kids love this one, too. We are always trying to get our kids to try and love new things, this recipe was a favorite from the start, even with the onion. And now they especially love it – because of the onion. And as Fridays tend to be a pizza day for us, this is a substitute that never fails to please.



That’s it for this week. Happy sandwiching with the fam!

– Anna Lisa