Chocolate, coconut and almonds help make these dense Brownies the best ever!
Creamy coconut and almonds top these Almond Joy Brownies and they turn this everyday chocolate treat into something very special. Almond Joy’s are quite possibly my favorite candy bar and all that chocolatey, coconuty, almondy flavor is present in these dense, chewy brownies.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love brownies – and these are perfect for dessert or an afternoon indulgence with a cup of tea. I promise that anyone who loves the combination of coconut and chocolate is sure to love these brownies. I’ve made them a bunch of times to take to picnics and potlucks, and everyone is constantly wanting the recipe – so if you’re gonna do the same maybe print a few copies out before you go. 😉

These brownies don’t take long at all to make ‘n bake – they are out of the oven about 1 hour after you start prepping them, and depending on how big you cut the slices, this recipe should make up to 2 dozen bars.


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Almond Joy Brownies
Almond Joy Brownies 1