An easy, delicious recipe for lentil soup

This delicious lentil soup is ridiculously simple, it’s hard to imagine that it tastes as good as it does, but it really is outstanding.  The flavors released by the vegetables combine perfectly.  It’s super hearty, yet super low in calories, but most importantly it is crazy good! Even those who aren’t so into vegetable soups are gonna absolutely love it.

You can use chicken stock if you want for this lentil soup, I made it with a good quality vegetable bouillon and it turned out amazing.  If you want some heat, throw in some fresh jalapeños or crushed red pepper.

There’s not too much work involved making this lentil soup, just chop up some veggies, throw it all together in a pot and wait about an hour for some of the best comforting soup ever!

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watch this video to see how simple this soup is to make:



Simply Delicious Lentil Soup
Simply Delicious Lentil Soup 1