A super easy, traditional French crepe recipe.
This Easy Crepe Recipe was inspired by what when I was a kid I knew crepes as ‘Grandma pancakes’.  I’m not really sure where that name came from, it’s just what we always called them.  What I was sure about was that I LOVED Grandma pancake day.  Or dinner for that matter, as my mom would often make breakfast for dinner (which I still do, cause breakfast food is the best!). After I matured and spent a lot of time in France, mainly Paris – I learned that what I had always thought of as Grandma Pancakes was really just a low brow description of that delicate pancake that the French know so well.

Anyway, traditional French crepes are so easy to make, and so versatile.   These are pictured with ham and mushroom – they are also so good stuffed with sweet things like nutella and banana, with sugar and lemon juice, with butter and maple syrup – the list goes on and on . . . . the limit is your imagination.  Call them whatever you want, but make them and eat them and you will be happy.  🙂

There’s virtually no prep time to make these Easy Crepes, you just whisk some ingredients together then cook them up on a nice non stick skillet. You can have a dozen of these Crepes ready to devour in about 20 minutes.


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Les Crepes
An Easy Crepe Recipe from Comfortable Food