A recipe for classic, simple Prosciutto and Asparagus Strata.

This Prosciutto and Asparagus Strata is the perfect Italian inspired brunch food.  It’s so easy to just throw together the night before, then bake right before your guest arrive.  The flavors of the cheese and prosciutto make it seem much more time consuming and fancy than it really is.  🙂

You can use leftover bread if you have it, I recommend using a very hearty bakery bread rather than a grocery store industrial loaf.  Using good bread, good ham, and good cheese will help to guarantee  some serious wow factor for any breakfast/brunch.

Prep time is about 10 minutes, and they bake for about 1/2 and hour. They’re best served straight out of the oven, so a little time and planning and you can serve your fabulous brunch guests this Italian deliciousness right when they arrive. 😉


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Prosciutto and Asparagus Strata
A Prosciutto Strata Recipe from Comfortable Food