Chicken and Biscuits

Chicken and Biscuits

Nothing screams hearty and flavorful, like this chicken and biscuits recipe. The spicy and sweet combination will make your mouth water and satisfy your comfort food cravings. Besides, the recipe is enticingly quick, easy, and fun!

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What you need:



All-purpose flour

Salt and pepper


Chicken broth


and more...


In a cast-iron skillet or Dutch oven, add your 3 tablespoon of unsalted butter and melt it down over moderate heat.


Add your chopped onions and celery, stir for about a minute, and add a teaspoon of salt and pepper. Continue stirring until the onions are translucent and have softened. Around 2-4 minutes.


Sprinkle a cup of all-purpose flour throughout the dish. Stir and cook for about a minute to eliminate the raw flour taste.


Add teaspoon dried thyme and your chicken broth while working it into your veggies. Bring to a boil, constantly stirring on medium heat.


Stir in whole milk and boneless skinless chicken breasts or shredded chicken. If you want your dish a bit creamier, use heavy cream or whipping cream instead of milk.


Then add frozen peas, carrots, lemon juice. You can as well add other spices like garlic powder if you so wish. Reduce heat and let everything simmer for 5-8 minutes or till the soup thickens.


Pour the chicken mixture into the baking dish, spread evenly, and bake for about 20 minutes.


Place your store-bought or frozen biscuits on top of the pre-baked chicken stew. If you had prepared the biscuit dough, cut them into rounds and drop biscuits into the chicken gravy using a cookie scoop.


In a separate bowl, crack the egg, add a splash of water, and whisk. Brush the biscuits with egg wash and return the baking dish into the oven.


Bake for another 10-12 minutes or until the biscuits are golden brown.

Cooking Tips

If your chicken stew is thin, add a bit of cream, or let it simmer longer before baking it. 


Don't just grab any chicken broth you see at the store. Always use the low sodium version. Besides richness of flavor, it allows you to adjust the salt and seasoning to suit your taste. 


If your cast-iron skillet or baking dish is full, place a baking sheet or cookie sheet beneath to catch any spills in the oven.


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