Homemade Fudgy Dark Chocolate Brownie Recipe.
These really are The Best Dark Chocolate Brownies!!  Is there really anything better?  The best thing about these is that they take into account both types of brownie lovers.  They’re just ooey and gooey enough, but not so much to turn away those that prefer a more cakey brownie.  They really are exactly in the middle.

Nothing beats homemade brownies, I know the mix is super convenient and easy, but just check out this video – you can see that it doesn’t take that much more effort to just do it yourself, and the result is truly worth the effort involved.  Be sure you use a good quality cocoa powder and chocolate bar – it really does make all the difference and gives a much more rich flavor to these heavenly bars!

Prep time on these Brownies is minimal – about 20 minutes and they’re in the oven for about 45 so you can have them in your hands in just over an hour! Ok, maybe a bit longer ’cause you should let them cool down for a bit if you can wait. The recipe makes about a dozen bars – depending on how big you cut the slices. 😉

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here’s a video of me making these dark chocolate brownies:

Best Ever Fudgy Dark Chocolate Homemade Brownies
The Best Ever Fudgy Dark Chocolate Homemade Brownies with Video 1