A very flavorful Quiche chock full of broccoli and cheddar.
There’s something about the added shallots that really make this Broccoli Cheddar Quiche spectacular.  I never ever put onions or garlic in my quiche, I just find them too overpowering flavor wise.  Shallots are so much less potent, but they still provide this great smooth flavor that goes so perfectly with cooked eggs.

As with any quiche you can add whatever ingredients you want.  I had some broccoli in the fridge so I added that with tons of cheddar and boy was this quiche delicious.  The perfect way to get those green veggies in ya.  Yum.  🙂 Another great tip I always use when making a quiche is Dijon mustard. I always spread about a tbsp on the base of a proofed crust. It helps keep the liquid from seeping into the crust, and it really does pull flavors together without being obvious flavor wise. I read that tip a few years ago and have been doing it ever since.

You can have this Broccoli Cheddar Quiche on the table in about an hour. There’s 20 minutes of prep time (give or take) and it bakes for about 40/45 minutes. It yields a large quiche, enough for 6 people or it can stretch to 8 if you’re gonna use smaller slices. Perfect side dish for a brunch buffet.


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Broccoli Shallot Cheddar Quiche
A Broccoli and Shallot Cheddar Quiche Recipe.