This Vanilla Clementine Bread is the breakfast bread of your dreams.

Clementines are quite possibly my favorite citrus fruit and this Clementine Bread is the perfect use of them.   I had a particularly good batch the other week and decided to bake something with them.  I found a recipe on Martha Stewart that I modified to post on this site.  It came out awesome, it is definitely more of a bread than a cake, but can easily be served for dessert, and goes great with coffee.

Both the citrus and vanilla flavors really come through, and play perfectly together.  The texture is great – it’s just firm enough without being too heavy.  The recipe reads like it’s a bit complicated, but it’s really pretty straightforward – although it is a bit long.  Give it a chance, if you are a fan of citrus flavors, you’ll love this bread!

Prep time for this Clementine Bread is only about 15 minutes and it’s in the oven for an hour. It yields one normal size loaf, so you might want to double the recipe cause I can guarantee you it’s not gonna be around long.

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watch a video of me making this Clementine Bread:


Very Delicious Vanilla Clementine Bread
A Very Delicious Vanilla Clementine Bread from Comfortable Food.