An easy recipe for the best Cheeseburger Pie ever.
When I first moved to Europe, I was very excited about the new culinary experiences I was going to have. But after a few years of grazing my way across the continent, I began to really crave the foods of my homeland—classic American comfort foods. I began to look up recipes for things I could make, things I’d never made before but had taken a sudden interest in. I called my mother to get recipes I remembered from my childhood, and I tweaked them to adapt to the ingredients I was able to get.

I’ve come up with many recipes in the last few years, but this one maybe captures most the essence of the foods I had come to crave. This pie is beefy and cheesy and really, really delicious. It makes me think of a housewife in the ’50s, calling her family to the table for a big slice of cheeseburger pie. Pie that—if this imaginary family is anything like mine—won’t be around for long.

Prep time on this Cheeseburger Pie is only about 20 minutes, and it’s in the oven for about the same time, so you can have this deliciousness on the table in under an hour. It’s a traditional pie pan size and can serve 4 – 6 people for dinner if you pair it with something like steamed broccoli on the side it can be a well rounded meal any night of the week.

where’s the beef?  here’s more:

The Best Cheeseburger Pie & Video 1
The Best Cheeseburger Pie & Video 2

here’s a video of me making this cheeseburger pie:


The Best Cheeseburger Pie
The Best Cheeseburger Pie from Comfortable Food.