A recipe for tomato soup cake with caramel icing.

Food bloggers tend to borrow a lot of ideas from each other, and I have to admit that this recipe for Tomato Soup Cake was inspired by my good friend Melissa over at ChinDeep.  (Her recipe is here if you want to check it out)  I had never heard of tomato soup cake before and I came across it one day when I was browsing her site.

After doing some more research and finding out this really was a thing – I saw how this dessert is a favorite of many and decided to have a go at it.  I was SO pleasantly surprised by the resulting flavor of this cake.  It’s very much like a carrot cake in that it’s super moist and the spices blend together perfectly to give it amazing flavor.  The caramel adds a sweetness the balances everything together perfectly.  I will be making this cake again – for sure.  It’s a great thing to serve, then surprise your guests with the ‘secret ingredient’ after they rave about how tasty it is.

here’s a video showing how to make it: