Super easy and delicious Nutella and Banana French Toast Roll Ups.
Banana Nutella French Toast is pretty much the most delicious sweet treat ever. I remember my first time in Paris – I couldn’t get enough Banana and Nutella Crepes I was literally eating about 3 a day. I love that flavor combination SO much. These rolls are pretty much that, but in a quick ‘n easy hand held form. They’re stuffed with nutella and bananas and sooooo ridiculously easy to make a win-win for sure.  They’re sure to please those little ones in the morning and grown ups as well.

I think these are sweet enough to eat by themselves, but you can always sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar or drizzle some syrup over the top if you want to go over the top. You probably already have all the ingredients you need to make these in your house, so this is actually just a good suggestion to try something different in the morning.

There’s not really any prep time on these delicious roll ups, and you can cook up enough for 4 – 6 people in about 10 minutes, so this really can be the perfect start to your (and your little ones) day.


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Nutella & Banana French Toast Roll Ups
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