A simple Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe with Parmesan Dijon Sauce.
I’ve been making this Chicken Cordon Bleu for years, and I’m convinced it truly is the perfect dinner.  It’s great for a special occasion (cause it’s kind of fancy), but it’s easy enough to have any night of the week.  The Parmesan Dijon Sauce is absolutely heavenly. I promise you that if you end up with any left over, you’re gonna sop it all up with some great bread.  It’s phenomenal.

A note about rolling up the chicken, make sure that you use toothpicks (and make sure you take them out before serving). Also make sure you roll up the breasts nice and tight or you’re gonna lose that cheese when you bake them.  As far as the sauce – depending on what bouillon you use, you might not need that extra salt, so I advise you taste it before adding.  I’ve had it come out too salty before and I’ve had it come out just right, so pay attention.  Make this chicken, you’re gonna love it!

Prep time for this Cordon Bleu is only about 25 minutes, and it cooks for about the same time, so you can have this delicious dinner on the table in under an hour. The recipe makes 4 servings, but it’s super easy to modify the ingredients to make less or more. I honestly make this dinner all the time, and I’ve never had anything but rave reviews about it.

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Le Chicken Cordon Bleu with Parmesan Dijon Sauce & Video 1

watch this video of me making this chicken cordon bleu:


Le Chicken Cordon Bleu with Parmesan Dijon Sauce
Le Chicken Cordon Bleu with Parmesan Dijon Sauce from Comfortable Food.