An ooey gooey sweet and delicious cinnamon roll recipe.
These truly are the Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls.  When you’re making them, and your scraping sticky dough off the counter and your kitchen and you are covered in flour – don’t lose sight of the fact that people are going to be worshiping you for weeks after you serve them these.

You can leave them to rise for the second time in the fridge overnight, then bake them in the morning and watch your bleary eyed family wander to the kitchen like zombies waiting for these to be ready.  They’re that good.  Seriously.  Try this recipe once and you’ll be making them forever.  😉

I’m not gonna lie – this isn’t the most simple Cinnamon Roll Recipe you can make, it does take a bit of effort working with the dough, but I promise you that the result is completely worth it. Prep time is about 30 minutes, and they’re in the oven for about the same time, so if all goes well you can be snarfing them down in about an hour. The recipe makes a lot – about 2 dozen large ones, up to 3 dozen if you cut them smaller.


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The Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls
The Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls from Comfortable Food.