An easy Italian tomato sauce recipe.
This traditional Sicilian tomato sauce is a recipe I got from a chef I worked with years ago. It came from his Sicilian grandmother, and I’ve got to say it’s by far the best tomato sauce I’ve ever had. It’s so simple, and it’s really true that with some great quality ingredients and some time you can have the best Italian tomato sauce ever.

Quality ingredients are very important to this tomato sauce, I recommend that you get your hands on some imported Italian canned tomatoes. I actually prefer canned tomatoes over fresh in this recipe, I think they have a bit more intense flavor.

There is an age old argument over whether to put sugar in the sauce or not. For me it’s integral, it really does take away some of the natural bitterness that can come with the tomatoes and really does just round out this incredible sauce.

There’s not much prep in this recipe at all, but there is some time involved. I usually cook it for about 3 hours, but sometimes as long as 4. You can tell when the sauce is ready by the color it turns and the fragrance.


here’s a video of me making this sauce:



Simple, Beautiful Sicilian Tomato Sauce
Simple, Beautiful Sicilian Tomato Sauce + Video 1