This Southern Style Fried Cabbage with Bacon has got to be one of the best comfort foods ever! It’s ridiculously easy to make and it’s so flavorful it’s ridiculous. You literally just throw the ingredients into a skillet, cook it down and what you’re left with is the perfect side dish for just about any meal.

I know there’s not many new things under the sun in this information day and age that we’re in, and there are about a million different versions of this dish, but I have to give a shout out to my friend Jamie over at Love Bakes Good Cakes as her recipe was what gave me the inspiration to come up with this one. All of these recipes are just adaptations of others, and I have to say while hers is super delicious, I really like the level of spice in mine. 😉

As it’s called “super easy”, I’ve got to tell you that’s the complete truth. You can chop up the veggies in under 10 minutes, and it takes about 20/30 to cook all together, so this scrumptiousness comes together in about 30/40 minutes in total. Easy peasy delicious.

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watch this video to see how simple this really is to make:



Super Easy Southern Style Fried Cabbage with Bacon