An Easy Stromboli Recipe.
When I sat down to write this Easy Stromboli Recipe, I have to admit that I had never actually eaten one before. I had seen a few Authentic Italian Stromboli Recipes online and I decided that I needed to have a go at it. Oh wow – when this came out of the oven I could not have been happier. First of all, it was soooo beautiful. On top of that it was hearty and flavorful and filled with gooey cheese.

I made this a few times and served it to people to get some feedback, then I decided to put it on my food truck’s lunch menu. It literally sold out every day – it’s really just that good. Sort of like a pizza all wrapped up in a handheld package, this Stromboli is as much a sandwich as it is a stuffed bread.

It takes about an hour to make in total – there’s about 25 minutes of prep time and it bakes for about ½ an hour.


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